Tennessee Jed's is a friendly, fun and intimate barbecue restaurant run by the Gonzalez family. Pitmaster Francisco Gonzalez, his wife Julie, daughter Christine and the entire staff are here to welcome you.

We smoke our meets with a blend of hickory and applewood. Each type of wood imparts its own unique coloring to the meat, varying from dark mahogany to pale rose. These rings are a sign of a real barbeque.

"Where there's smoke, there's flavor"


Tennessee Jed's combo feast platter

Tennessee Jed's combo feast platter.


Francisco (Paco) Gonzalez and his wife, Julie, prepare a freshly grilled barbeque plate.


Francisco and Julie Gonzalez of Tennessee Jed's

Tennessee Jed's

Whether it's lunch with friends, dinner for two or the whole family,  Tennessee Jed's warm, welcoming environment is the ideal venue to enjoy your barbeque meal.

Here's the sign to seek when you're looking for Tennessee Jed's Barbeque Grille.


We also offer take-out.

Tennessee Jed's

3357 Merrick Road
Wantagh, Long Island, New York 11793

Phone 516.308.3355
Fax 516.308.3356


11 AM to 10 PM
11 AM to 10 PM
11 AM to 10 PM
11 AM to 10 PM
11 AM to 10 PM
12 PM to 9 PM

All Major Credit Cards Are Welcome